Adjective Noun Collision 2

Prompt: Dark Freedom

Pristine rubber nearly vaults me out of my shoes with each step into the stretched, blue sky. I taunt Sisyphus as I drag the summit towards me in my ascent. Straining arches and burning stitches conspire to sabotage me, but the nearing summit defends me until my final steps to the throne. I ascend to my fated spot, overlooking my kingdom. I inscribe the panoramic view into digital history before taking my throne.

Father time’s whip cracked each second away. My fingers blur with prophetic efficiency, stitching my fate into each sole. Hundreds of other marionettes fill the floor, mirroring my every move. At least this puppeteer gifted me a cushion, a luxury that I didn’t have at the phone shop. The smell of burning plastic still burned my nose.

I have to admit, the first portion kind of loses me, but I think I am seeing that there is a change in perspective here. I think I am getting that there is a supervisor in a shoe factory, who is still expected to fabricate. So, while he sees his ascent to his supervisorship, he also kind of resents it because he is still doing the grunt work? The coherence aside, you make good use of many senses. Fingers blurring, sitting cushion, burning plastic, taunting Sisyphus, straining arches… It is very vivid.

Yep! there is an attempt to change the perspective but not a supervisor.

One is supposed to be the perspective of freedom gained in the western world–new sneakers to hike, free time, cell phone. The other is supposed to be the ignored, dark side of the freedom in the places where we ignore the conditions of the workers. I’ll have to try to be more overt about it but it is tough to execute in the time-frame.

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