Abstract Art

I think we should do another abstract piece of art because they are quite fun to spend the 10 minutes staring at. This famous Kandinsky ‘Composition No. 8’ is about as abstract as you can get - so really looking forward to reading what comes into your mind when you look at these shapes!

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Synesthesia suspends the deltoid
Held tight above the slurry chords
Each note coloring, creating life
Rubik’s style staff swings it’s sword
A wand swooshes to the right
A record spins its violet light
Fading into the scarlet night
Mars awaits it just reward
His broken wings will never fly


Holy heck I got a lot to catch up on, over the next few days I’ll get back up to speed and get back into it!


The sun eclipsed by a vinyl eye
Dripping tears of fire high from the sky
Pyramids rise in the sandy dunes
A slithering snake passes through
A paintbrush shades the empty domes
With misty grey and hazy tones
Shattered debris in a metal storm
Fragments of light, all seeking form

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Some really excellent words in here, I feel this level of abstraction is fantastic for cooking up a manifold stew of senses. “Chords” captures those lines really well, and “sword” adds a lot of interesting association to the feeling of your piece. I feel yours has a lot of action and energy baked in, a lot of movement and a good element of story to it - excellent stuff and really fun to read!

I really like the sun eclipsing by vinyl eye. That is a great line! The tears of fire is a nice play with expectation (we generally see tears as water). The paintbrush shading empty domes is awesome use of verb-noun pairing and got me to see something that I had not before. The ending is my favorite line: Fragments of light, all seeking form. It is so dramatic, kind of an epic end. Well done!

The flow of brain to hand to page
lines thrown out onto canvas stage
was it creative sparks or LSD
for circles and lines weave and dance gleefully
geometry wept as consistency fled
to greener mountains of turquoise and fading red

Both your’s and @jamie are great, you can read it and see the scanning across the image and somehow a story arises through the chaos. It’s also cool to read like

and trying to find the related shapes or

and finding this snake.

good work guys!

The “weaving and dancing gleefully” is a really neat image to bring out the movement in the image. I love that geometry wept. In a short piece, you did really well at making the reader question how much is reality and how much is some hallucination! That tension is killer. Well done!