Brainstorming - Creating Simple Music for Lyrics (complete song) - Day 8

This is a super simple way to make music. It will utilize the I, IV, V, and vi (minor) chords. That means the root, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth minor chords. Using a closed universe of chords allows us to write quickly (you can always go back and make it more interesting later).

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology, here are the simplest ones to play. For piano, it is C, F, G, and Am (no black keys). For guitar, it is G, C, D, and Em (no bar chords). You can pick whatever key you want to play it in.

The cool thing about this particular set of chords is that you can play any two, three, or all four together in any order and it will sound decent. This helps us set up a skeleton for our song.

You may take a couple days for this exercise. You will come up with music, and lay your words over it. Once you have a recording of your song, just post it as a reply. NOTE: We are not critiquing vocal quality or musical uniqueness. We are just finding easy music to set our lyrics to and finding whatever melody comes to our brain.

I don’t know music theory, but I think I am in the key of D. I used D, G, A, and Bm - using Bm heavily to kind of get the mood of the song. Here it is, not bad for a group of 10 minute exercises. It could definitely use some refining, but well worth the minimal effort. I can see promise in it, and can revisit as I see fit to maybe make something a little better, but that was fun, quick, and easy!

I had to compress this a lot to get the size down to fit on here (sorry for the quality).