Brainstorming - Mind Mapping Association (Creating Lines) - Day 5

For today’s exercise, we are going to look at our words and start creating lines. This is just one way we can work with this technique. Our goal is to create lots of lines, not necessarily make them coherent to a song as a whole or worry about rhyming or rhythm. That will come later.

Before beginning, we are going to title this song (this kind of puts our mindset in a boundary and focuses on some of the “energy” from the title). To make it easy, the title will be the two center words. You can pick what order you like better. So mine will be “Vampire Fountain”.

With that in mind, try at first to do like you did with the book pages in the beginning. Just glance through all those circles and pick a few that stand out to you. Then tie them together with other words. Upon doing this, three words jumped out from mine “Lurk”, “Shadow”, and “Hypnotize”. Yes, they all came from the “vampire” lineage, but that is ok. Next build a line using those. For me it was “Lurking in the shadow of hypnosis”. I like that enough.

You can repeat that as many times as you like. You can also incorporate other exercises to help you build lines (like our Collision exercises, our sensory exercises, word ladders, etc…). It may also help to do this a few times at different parts of the day. Don’t worry about using the same word or pairing more than once. That is fine.

At the end of this, rather than having a boneyard of words to utilize in our song, we will have a boneyard of lines. Another step closer!

The reason it is good to have more nouns and verbs is that it gives us more room to play. We can add descriptors as necessary to conform our lines. Also, we can transform a noun to a verb or descriptor, and usually can transform a verb into a noun or descriptor.

As a reminder, these are random lines, not meant to go together or be in any order.

Vampire Fountain
Lurking in the shadow of hypnosis
A draining fang for prey stakes its bet
Coveting a cocktail in the spatter of a spiral
Smother the contagion with betrayal
Let the memory circulate and petrify
The debris drips down through the progeny
Sucking wishes down the well
Faith inoculates the discretion of the sick
Interpret entropy to sculpt your change
Cloak the clay to medicate (or “sculpt your own”) disciples
Slit desire suggesting a design
Smother control to transform the flow
Genes convict the pulsing pressure
Bloodlines conceal the devil in the stream
Eternal immunity sows the garden
Emptying syringes in the current of myth
As tumbled dice create angelic life
The two coins of your eyes control the swirling tide
Coins spring from the well into predator’s eyes
Life drains from the fang into the vein
Eternity circulates as the contagion spirals
Discretion pumps entropy smothering art