Brainstorming - Mind Mapping Association - Day 2

Similar to what we did yesterday,but now we will select one side of the map and take it a step further. While this happens, you may get another word or two for the original word. That is ok, just try to limit that so that we get a little further from the original (another degree of separation). These are a little harder to explain in words, so I will post mine immediately.

Try to at least come up with 12 new words today (meaning you might have one word for one circle and six for another). There are no goals for individual existing words like there were yesterday. Just set your associative mind free. Have fun and good luck.

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You can see that I had the word “myth/legend” associated with vampire come to mind during this exercise, so I added it (coded by Red Cirlce/Blue Text). The rest of the new words are Red Circle/Black Text.

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This brainstorming is a fascinating medium for looking directly into other people’s minds and seeing where the associations led. In fact it’s a fascinating medium for looking at our own minds - the links seem to come out of nowhere (an argument against free will?)

I agree! I almost put in the instructions to not feel like you have to justify the words you wrote because they just sort of happen. I really like that symmetry and soldier derived from the same word and that ultimately they came from “simple”