Brainstorming - Mind Mapping Association (Pulling Lines Together) - Day 6

We are going to take some lines from our last exercise and start putting them together. You can fill in gaps as you see fit. Feel free to add to the Mind Mapping exercises (you don’t have to share it here if you don’t want to). For instance, on mine, all of a sudden I realized that I had not associated “Bat” with “Vampire”. That lead to some new circles. There is no real structure to what this will look like, it may be a verse or a chorus or both. It may be a full song or just a part. The goal is just to pull from the lines you created, fill in some blanks and start something that could be incorporated into a song. Good luck!

Lurking in the shadow of hypnosis
Trace your ballet across the dusky sky (<- this came from “bat”)
Coveting a cocktail in the spatter of a spiral
Memories circulate and petrify

Smother the contagion with betrayal
Bloodlines conceal the devil in the stream
Emptying syringes in the current of myth
Debris drips down through the progeny

Tumbling dice create unholy life
Slit this desire, suggest a design
Pressure punctuates the pulse of the present
The fountain flushes flame down the pipe

NOTE: I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t great. But it took very little effort to just pull some lines, modify them, and fill in blanks. In less that 5 minutes, I have three four-line stanzas. Maybe one is a chorus. I don’t know. But I see a story line starting to pop up. This is called “apophenia” - the human brain likes to find patterns. So a jumble of random words wound up creating random lines that wound up in an order that just sounded right to me. The story line I see is something along the lines of someone having recently been turned into a vampire, starting to lose their old self, kind of coming to a realization that the one who turned him/her is not trustworthy and is perhaps selfish or in someway “trash”, and is trying to figure out what to do with the bit of lore that if he/she takes down the original vampire it may well end the protagonist’s life as well.

That is `not super apparent, but with that outline, I can grow the song or modify it to better fit that idea.