Brainstorming - (Optional Exercise) Short Story - Day 6.A

This is a technique I perform sometimes to help flesh out a song when I have a start. I kind of alluded to it yesterday. It works well to start a song, but works even better when you have a start of something, but are not quite sure what.

The technique is to write a short story (only 4 - 5 sentences). Then brainstorm things that go with that story. They might be lines, words, phrases, images, whatever… It all works. It is similar to a bounded version of our early sensory exercises.

vampire Fountain:(Story arc)
Protagonist has turned into a vampire, but feels like he was lured to transformation under false pretenses. He is starting to lose his old self, kind of coming to a realization that the one lady vampire turned him is not trustworthy and is selfish and generally disagreeable. She promised him eternal life, not just eternal survival. He s trying to figure out what to do with the knowledge that if he takes her down it will end him as well.

Here are some things that come to mind:
Wanton in our reckless hunger
Dreams die in our eternal slumber

Run round in your lethargic apathy
Liberate our will to end your distance
Nothing remains in our carnal bodies
Solely surviving is no existence

One last breath before dishonor
One last death to deliver order
One last collapse, conception slain
Once last chance to stake our claim

I may come back later and do some more. I like where this is going (again, nothing great, but very little effort) and think it will fit nicely in with the start from mind mapping exercise.

(I came back, ha ha)
One sun
One life
Ripples out
Then shutdown

We are warriors walking in the wrong realm
Moonlight mourners mounting mutiny
We are warriors waking in the wrong world
Eating away the eternal cemetery

Fast and loud
Furious shroud
Brave and proud
Lay it down

Out of touch and out of hand
Long in tooth but not for long
Power’s as pallid as your pride
Beating drums and battle horns