Kind words From Pat Pattison

Dear Pat,

Firstly, I love your books. I have been stuck with my songwriting for years so finding your book and going through the exercises has helped immensely.

Secondly, as suggested in your book, I have become part of a community where we are building a space for songwriting theory, practice exercises, and a place to collaborate and get feedback for our original compositions.

This is the site.

I was wondering if you would be interested in leaving a comment, or some advice on if we are on the right track? Or advice on anything songwriting related?

As the entire inspiration for the site and this little community, it would be tremendously encouraging to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Hugh Thorneycroft


Hi Hugh,

I’m delighted you’ve organized this. I’ve looked at the site and think you’ve really provided a wonderful service. I was going to post something there, but didn’t see how, so perhaps post this from me. I’m pleased that so many folks are posting. The challenges have been useful for many writers, and I hope it helps y’all find a pathway to expanding your writing toolkits.

I’ve attached a new article that will be published in the next few issues of American Songwriter. Y’all get the first peek. :slight_smile:

Write Fearlessly,



Hey Pat,

Thank you so much for responding! It means a lot when the veterans take time to respond to things like this. However, I can’t take credit for organizing this site. A user named Jamie is the mastermind behind it and I am merely an enthusiastic member so I’ll pass the praise on to him! It would be a privilege to share the upcoming article with the rest of the group. I’m sure they will all feel honoured to get the first look.

I believe you have to sign up to be able to post, which would be why you couldn’t find the place to do it. I will be sure to pass on your supportive words to the group.

Also, I am a huge Bruno Major fan - ‘Just the Same’ rattles me to my core with every listen. It was exciting to see you dissect ‘Nothing’! Would you happen to have a link to the other Bruno Major song you have written about as I can’t seem to find it on the web?

Thank you again for what you do for the songwriting world.

Hugh Thorneycroft