Linking from Source - Magnifying Glass

Today we continue working with a given source domain, but now it is up to you to come up with both the linking quality and the target domain. The source domain is “magnifying glass”. So firstly, what qualities does a magnifying glass have. Secondly, what else has those qualities. Then, write about your target using the sensory-based language of the magnifying glass. Good luck!

First Date - Ignition Source - Magnifying Glass

She could be seen as crumbled paper, twisted with hair, dipped in diesel… pure potential. Focusing on other aspects I could inspect her closely to reveal each flaw, each freckle misaligned, each asymmetrical brown spot on her green irises, the smell of our over-garliced linguine. I could turn it around so that she became nothing more than a blur of color and light, unnoticeable. Instead, I send a beam shooting from my chest to hers, trying to see the first hint of smoke rising from her hipster band tee shirt. She sips her wine and slightly smiles, and tells me about how she met our mutual friend. It is strange that we never met, but maybe we knew each other at some point in another time, another dimension, everything is circular. I feel my throat closing up somewhat as I align the sun more precisely to intensify the beam. Just as democracy aims to become oligarchy aims to become timocracy aims to become aristocracy, I aim with laser focus hoping light becomes spark becomes flame becomes engulfing foreverness. Pure potential, a catalyst, and natural light intensified. I kiss her hand and say maybe next Tuesday at 7? She says she’ll check her planner, whether we will find a warm fire, an explosion, or a useless hole burned through tinder, who knows. I hope that we will find warmth at the hearth of love.

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** Eagle - Searching - Magnifying glass**

Eager eye’s scanning flowing meadows. A soft whispers carries itself along infinite rolling hills, greeting trees along the way. Circling upwards towards the clouds, keeping visuals on any darting browns or greys. Focused vision targeting single points of interest, the smell of fear wafting towards the sky. Target located, theres no escape.


This is beautifully written, but I did not notice the magnifying glass source very heavily. Although, the target located, no escape ending is really powerful.

Magnifying Glass - Inspect - Allegations of Wrongdoing
Society runs over his character with a magnifying glass, desperately trying to discredit its victim, its appetite for scandal whetted by a menu of rumours that promise to serve such an elaborate banquet of impropriety. But as the lens surveys, it only serves to focus the light of his true nature, an honest soul that can survive any amount of scrutiny. Every notch, nook and cranny of his personality is enlarged, but it only serves to refract the bright light of his virtue, shattering suspicion with beams of piercing integrity that cut through cruel cynicism and serve to warm his conscience with the assuring ray of truth.


I really like how you have turned the magnifying glass around to see the blur of unnoticeable colour and light, and I really like the sequence of language from the first hint of smoke to spark to flame to engulfing foreverness. “A warm fire, an explosion or a useless hole burned through tinder” pretty much captures every type of relationship - very nicely done!

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Concise and to the point. Needs more language from the magnifying glass domain - but this was a tricky one!

This is really extraordinary. The magnifying glass being used for evil, but only revealing good. At first, I was thinking that this might be a little cliched when I read your choice, but you used it in a unique and meaningful way. This line “menu of rumours that promise to serve such an elaborate banquet of impropriety” sealed it for me!

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I’m riffing off of @4StarViewMusic a bit here :slight_smile:

Magnifying Glass - Fascination - Limerence

I’ve been told my perception of you is distorted, yet, looking through the lens, your crystalized image is focused and sharp. The closer I lean in, the grander you appear. My eyes transfixed in a convex swirl, surrounded by a radial blur of light. Bathed in luminescence, your olive skin glistens, and your eyes swim in molten gold. As your gaze converges into mine, I’m set ablaze. Burning, I watch you, entranced by your every movement, every breath. My eyes focus on your hidden intricacies… the gentle outline of your soft lips, and the strength of your eager hands… The electrifying light carves you into a fantastic mythical creature, and all I can do is stare.

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I love the active description here. It not only has imagery, but it has activity occurring. That is a cool feeling. This also is great use of adjectives. You have a lot of them here, but they are all used tastefully without being too “tell-y”. Well done!

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Source Domain: Magnifying Glass
Linking Quality: Directs
Target Domain: Scapegoat

The door clicks open and I step into his wrathful eye. It’s huge gaze blinks from the unswept floor to the dusty fan blades, staring me into a prison of focused anger. A giant eyebrow furrows hatred toward me.

“You’re 2 minutes late,” my boss scorned through the bullets ricocheting through 5.1 doby digital surround sound.

“The gate wasn’t working.” My annoyance simmered under the heat of his gaze. Anne and John melted into the couch just outside the rim of his vision at my mistake. Divorce and no sleep clawed red towards the pits of his eyes.

I think you’ve come a long way already from the first more tell-y descriptions to this. Nothing to add but to say it really shows you are practicing!

I like this snippet, but I’m not really getting magnifying glass or scapegoat in it. It could be my brain is fried from work. Great imagery though.