Tension and Authority Day 4 - Writing from Within a Character - Describing the World

The last exercise, we looked at examples from songs that were not just measurements, but descriptions. This is the same exercise, except instead of measurements, use language from within that same character to describe the world in which he/she interacts.

Her tears were clippings of fine hair on my chest
Bound to cause irritation if not washed away soon

We stuttered across the wooden floor
Mimicking the old school barbershop poles
Spinning waves of red and blue
Scars from missed targets due to sudden head jerks
Blurring into a cylindrical mass of nothing else around

Her blouse on my neck reminded me of the
Warm towel pressed against me before my first fancy shave
Her nails moved like the straight razor
Gliding across my throat
Frozen still in a surreal mix of anxiety and comfort
One wrong move and the paramedics would be called

Same character, a male barber. I think these are pretty self-explanatory, but the first is comparing her tears to clipped hairs that make you itch if you don’t wash them off (i.e., work on the issues). The second, they were dancing together, doing a lot of fun twirling. Although the dancing was not very good, it drew eyes. The old barber poles often aren’t pretty any more, they show wear, but they get attention. The missed targets are the accidental scissor strikes from a barber scissors on the ears or scalps when the client moves suddenly. Comparing that to scars the protagonist and love interest have from past experiences. The third is comparing their first physical encounter of love to getting your first straight razor shave, nerve-wracking but fun, exciting and scary.