Trilogy of Albums Created During These exercises

I spoke with @jamie and told him that I released three albums this year with the help I got from this site. He said I should post them. I am not a great producer, musician, or singer… But I love to write. I live by the write-record-release method because it gives me the ability to move on to some new exploration. That being said, the production value on these is pretty low. They were written and recorded very rapidly. The albums titles all have the word “Unterwegs” in them. It is German for “On the way”. That is my subtle shout out to this site, because to be “on the way” you have to take “steps”. They are available on whatever streaming platform you prefer.

Here are the Audiomack links for the albums, and the Genius links for lyrics:

  1. Steps to Unterwegs

  2. Paths to Unterwegs
    (This album features a song that @Tofu4 wrote most of the music to)

  3. Beyond Unterwegs

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