Word Ladders - Day 4, Post Book Exercises

The same as last time, except this time try to use five (5) of the pairs in your lines. Remember, they do not have to be great, the idea is to just broaden your use of language.

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  1. Embiggen β†’ Music
  2. Soar β†’ Evening
  3. Resurrect β†’ Sunburn
  4. Protect β†’ Cabin
  5. Believe β†’ Nature
  6. Endow β†’ Whiskey
  7. Energize β†’ Balcony
  8. Teleport β†’ Mountain
  9. Phase (like Shadowcat) β†’ Trail
  10. Predict β†’ Beach

Nature believes it is psychic
The beach predicts its own erosion
Mountains teleport us to the moon
Away from the balcony energizing the commotion
The oaken whiskey endows our courage
On trails phasing through the wispy forest
The sunburn resurrects our longing
Cooling as the evening sores above scourge
While music embiggens the primal songing

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  1. Arrest β†’ Peace
  2. Soar β†’ Foreigners
  3. Rescue β†’ Wilderness
  4. Revere β†’ Snow
  5. Attacks β†’ Hotel
  6. Defends β†’ Aeroplane
  7. Foresees β†’ Snow
  8. Deduces β†’ Cocktail
  9. Concludes β†’ Sand
  10. Unveils β†’ Heat

The heat unveils a blanket of discomfort. It unveils a sticky film over the world.
The wilderness rescues me from my urban confinement.
The sand deduces the ephemerality of existence.
A cocktail concludes that life is worth living.
Peace is arrested and facing trial.

  1. Rescue β†’ Camp
  2. Protect β†’ Birds
  3. Punch β†’ Silence
  4. Fly β†’ Creek
  5. Smash β†’ Fish
  6. Fold β†’ Hammock
  7. Tear β†’ Beer
  8. Run β†’ Barefoot
  9. Speak β†’ Sunburn
  10. Investigates β†’ Rain

Silence hits you like a powerful punch
The birds protect our ears with beautiful song
Beer tears down any sense of insecurity
The sunburn speaks of blistering heat
As rain investigates any small gap it can come across

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Really cool pairings. One interesting thing is that you transformed β€œpunch” into a noun and replaced the verb with β€œhit”. I think that punch would have worked well there with fewer words needed: β€œSilence powerfully punches you”. I love the birds protecting your ears with song. That is a great image. I kind of want to steal it! ha. Beer tearing down insecurity is also very interesting because beer is a depressant, so we usually would look for things more low key than tear. You did really well here!

All interesting ideas which could be expanded upon and moulded into lyrics. The punch of silence has a particular impact, that feeling when you are hurt by someone not being there for you or not saying what you want them to say perhaps. Great work!