Writing from a picture - Rocket Being Processed - Post Book Exercises, Day 1

This exercise we will write from a picture. The idea is to use our sensory language and draw inspiration from the image. The image is of the SLS rocket in the Vehicle Assembly Building being processed for the Artemis I mission.

There are no syllable counts. Maybe try keeping a rhyme scheme of:


The “X”s do not need to rhyme.

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Twisted, spindly spires
The needle overtakes the steel haystack
Ammonia and oil moan
Warnings blare on repeated playback

Each bolt holds aspiration
Platforms sway and form constellations
Solids strapped to liquid core
Excited for the next stage of exploration

A single story building
Humanity with one story to tell
To stars hiding behind the moon
Fully loaded, finalizing farewells


She stands bravely, tall and stern
Her hair groomed a final time
Her shining head looks proudly up
To far beyond the sky

Check every inch of metal
Each calculation assured
Tighten every nut and bolt
So that every pane is secured

Each and every rivet
Is essential for this thing to drive
The ocean is made of droplets
Each bee is crucial to the hive

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Golden towers of past lifes dream
Standing tall, beckoning awe
To go to places beyond this world
Beyond reality and more

Revered by some, feared by others
A product of parsons dreams
Pushing forever to the skies
but not buckling at its seams

both yours and @jamie are great! It’s a tough one to make a still picture of something so metal and lifeless come alive and spark imagination even using the tiniest things (the rivets and warning blares). Good job guys!

The personification works well. I like that it makes me think of a woman at a beauty parlor getting her hair done. That is a great allusion. The checking over for processing and securing and tightening of everything is also really cool sensory imagery and allows us to ease into the hardware after seeing it as a woman previously, while still hanging onto that beauty parlor type of mentality. The conclusion of everything working together toward becoming something bigger is a really nice way of bringing in the hope. Since space exploration is about hope, that really sums it up. Well done!

The first sentence is really neat. I am not sure how much you know about it, but the VAB was also used for Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. So the past life’s dream is a great way to start. The “feared by others” is also a great call to history since so much of space exploration technology came from war/missile heritage. I love the pushing to the skies and not buckling. That really calls to mind when the rocket hits Max Q and has to throttle down. Really well done!

And yes, I agree that trying to take a still picture and write from it is pretty tough. But it also allows us so much room for creation of sensory perception. The cool thing is to see where we all diverge and have different points of focus and exploration.

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I know nothing about space travel or rockets hahaha, though I did listen to a podcast about Jack parsons hence the product of parsons dream

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Jack Parsons was an interesting guy. He had a brilliant mind and some… unique… ideas :slight_smile: