Writing to an Instrumental - Michelangelo Technique - Day 2

Last time, we wrote stream of consciousness, just anything that came to mind. This time, we are going to write a story line. Some of us might have seen the beginnings of it in the last exercise.

With this one, we will listen and let the music tell us the story within it. We are not concentrating on melody or rhyme or lines. We are simply trying to let the music tell a story.

If you need help, try to listen to this song with your eyes closed and letting your mind wander. You do not have to include time tags, but you are welcome to. Just write the story the music tells you. Last time, it was a free for all. This time, the goal is to find the story in music. You do not have to use flowery language or even get super sensory based (that will be another exercise).

The story does not have to happen in chronological order, but there needs to be some kind of arc.

Good luck!

Instrumental - Day 2

Instrumental by Kevin MacLeod, Creative Commons attribution, I believe his site is found here: https://incompetech.com/

This is a short song. The good thing is you do not have to fit your story into the length of the song, you just have to let the story reveal itself. You may need to listen to it a few times to capture the story (which can easily be done in less than ten minutes).

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A woman on the back of a mule overlooks a valley from hill. She has spent some time collecting herbs from the land. The mule’s eyes are glowing in the setting sun. The lady knows she has to get back in time to deliver the herbs for her sick beloved. However, the witch who sent her on the task under false pretense plans to steal the man’s soul and leave the lady to be eaten by the spirits in the hill. A supernatural rain starts to pour and the woman and mule are stuck in the mud. She knows she will not return in time.


Writing a letter on a desk by the window, the rain is slowly dripping down the glass. She writes her final goodbyes to a romance that has had its final chance. A wistful sorry overcomes her. She thinks back to how things used to be (0:30), but in hindsight, their destiny was written on walls, culminating in a final scream and it is all over.

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It is interesting that we both saw it as a story about women. There must be some subtle feminine energy in the song, along with a mood of loss. Isn’t that interesting?

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That is interesting - there are other similarities in there as well such as the theme of lost hope. A reminder that whilst it is fascinating to see everyone’s differing interpretations, it is also fascinating to see the points of contact!

Trying to rush through a busy crowd, everythings black and white. You look up at all of the confusing screens and see that you only have 1 minute before your train departs. Your tie isn’t quite tied right so as you’re running it starts to come loose. Someone you bump into spills coffee on your new shirt. (at 1:00) theres a glimmer of hope as you see an old ladys walker is stuck between the train and the track. But as you rush down the stairs almost there you see the doors slam. and the old lady is standing inside the train just looking at a distraught you.

Reading both @jamie and yours the similar messages we heard in the song is fantastic. We both picked up on this rush of time, a desperation to get somewhere. And we all picked up on the fact this is a sorrowful piece, and a dramatic end is imminent.

great exercise! and both of your little stories are great!

I like your story. It has some really neat elements. And it is really neat to see that similarities and differences in the responses.