Writing to an Instrumental - Michelangelo Technique - Day 3

This time, we are only going to focus on the senses the song gives us. A good way to do it is to list the senses:
Visual -
Audible -
Olfactory -
Tactile -
Taste -
Internal -
Other -

Something like that. Then just write what the song tells your senses. What do you hear, smell, touch, taste, feel, see, etc… when you listen to the song?

Here is the instrumental:
Instrumental Day 3

Instrumental used under creative commons, attributed to Crowander, for non-commercial use. Crowander can be found here: https://crowander.com/

Good luck!

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Visual - a small family dancing together preparing for a party, red, orange, yellow, curtains, wood, a bridge through a window with fields of flowers on either side
Audible - shoes pounding a wooden floor, fiddle, a bug buzzing, muffled din of familiar voices, laughter, raspy old voices, chirpy young voices
Olfactory - Cut onions, baked apples, cinnamon, sweat, burning fat, coffee, almost rancid flour
Tactile - clasping hands, a rough hand in mine on one side, a soft hand on the other, heat from an oven,
Taste - savory and herby meat, taste the sweat from my upper lip, smells of food so thick you can taste it, sweet apples, something so sweet it is almost bitter
Internal - Anticipation, elation, muscles sore from overwork, jaw sore from smiling, freedom but a little confined, expectation of judgement
Other - The overall mood I sense is energetic, but confined. Like trying to deny something but being happy doing it.


Visual - A dusty road with the sun pouring light onto every surface. White painted walls beginning to flake on the houses to the side of the street.
Audible - Children playing, playful screams, mothers shouting. The occasional whisper of the passing breeze. The sound of a rocking sign creaking in the wind. The engine of a passing car approaching and the wheels stirring the track as it passes by.
Olfactory - Dry hay and the smell of animals from a nearby farm. Passing horses leave their deposits on the street.
Tactile - Tender skin stinging in the sun, worn clothes loose on my skin.
Taste - Fresh air, the taste of light dust in my mouth.
Internal - Rushed, falling, adrenaline streaming, stomach hungry, chest tight.

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You’ve set up a nice little world of senses here! I can feel the warmth of the community within a tough world (rough hands, overworking, freedom confined etc). This is a really useful exercise in “world-building” as the fiction writers call it.

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You have done really well. From your senses, I feel nostalgic for the lightness of childhood out in the country, but the internal senses make me feel like my body is worn and haggard. Like I’m longing for what I once was. Great imagery!

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Visual - A old granny racing around the kitchen, more pots on the stove than there should be, some overflowing as she tries to contain the chaos.
Audible - pots and pans clashing, the sound of the tap running at full speed, TV blasting in the other room
Olfactory - Tomato and basil, bug spray, and old well worn clothes
Tactile - clenching jaw, slippery floor covered in sauce, constantly wet hands from washing
Taste - Passata, salt, sparkling water
Internal - pounding heart, dry eyes, brain racing with what to do next
Other - pure exhaustion from cooking since the early hours and for no real reason.

Ours are so similar dammit!!

I like the sense of elation through hard work with yours, great exercise to really step into a scene.

@jamie Your scene is great to, this sense of a dusty summers day with the sun stinging the skin, very much reminds me of an australian summers day

I definitely got the frantic cooking sense from this song, reminded me of my friends nonna who used to get up at 3am to cook tomato sauce the traditional way only to be stored in jars and never used.

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That is awesome! Sorry I have been slouching on here. Launch day is fast approaching. It is cool that we both got cooking and fast movement! It is also interesting that the cooking in mine seems to be more sweet and yours more savory. Great stuff!