Writing to an Instrumental - Michelangelo Technique - Day 4

Now that we have all gotten comfortable with finding things in the music with the previous exercises, it is time to try to begin writing a song. For the next few exercises, we will use the same instrumental.

For today, your goal is to simply find 3 things in the song:

Mood -
Primary Image -
Theme -

This should not take very long. The purpose of this is build prosody. Your entry may look something like:
Mood - Guilty
Primary Image - Loved One’s Funeral
Theme - Feeling guilty over lost time when they are gone

Also, you can begin thinking in terms of melody now. As you listen to the song, if a melody comes to mind, record it. You don’t need to share the melody (we don’t need to overload the server). And you will not be married to any melody. You will have a lot of chances to create new melodies or refine them throughout the exercises.

We will build on the the mood, theme, and primary image in the next exercise.

Here is the instrumental:
Instrumental - Writing a Song
This instrumental is made by HoliznaCC0, it is a public domain dedication, and here is a link to HoliznaCC0: Free Music Archive - HoliznaCC0

Good luck!

Mood - Pensive/Contemplative
Primary Image - Floating down a river, surrounded by nature
Theme - Thinking about where we are, where we are going, where the river will take us.

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Mood: Lonely and missing home.
Primary image: Walking alone in a foreign city on the other side of the planet.
Theme: The world is big, we are small, home is where the heart is.