Writing to an Instrumental - Michelangelo Technique - Day 6

The Story Line

Reread your mood, primary image, and theme. Get your mindset in place where you are focusing on those. Then play the instrumental track and write the story line as you feel it unfold in the music. Becoming focused on the mood, theme, and primary image should put your mind’s eye in a place to build that association.

Remember, your story line doesn’t necessarily have to be narrative. It may be the unveiling of an emotion or it may be a story arc. You can see here if you want to learn more.

The main goal of this exercise is to let the instrumental tell you its story as it relates to the mood, theme, and primary image you already got from it.

Here is the instrumental for reference
Instrumental - Story Line

This instrumental is made by HoliznaCC0, it is a public domain dedication, and here is a link to HoliznaCC0: Free Music Archive - HoliznaCC0

I hope you are starting to see how we will develop this into a full song now. We are using ten minute exercises to build up a tool set that we can utilize. This is exciting stuff!

A storm has passed, the water is high. Droplets still fall making ripples in the water. Lazily floating the river. Looking back, recounting failures and successes, there is a moment where momentum halts. Ahead, there is a bend in the river. A battle takes place between expectations and hopes. The flow begins again and the uncertainty is kind of exciting.