Writing to an Instrumental - Michelangelo Technique - Day 7

Building Your Senses

This is similar to the previous sensory language exercise. You will listen to the track and write down what you sense. It may help you to listen a few times: Try listening to it without paying attention to your theme, mood, and primary image; and then listen to it again focusing on those first.

Visual -
Audible -
Olfactory -
Tactile -
Taste -
Internal -
Other -

Something like that. Then just write what the song tells your senses. What do you hear, smell, touch, taste, feel, see, etc… when you listen to the song?

The main goal of this exercise is to let the instrumental lead your senses. By listening to it both with and without your mood/theme/image, hopefully you will have more to use, and maybe some surprises.

Here is the instrumental for reference
Instrumental - Sensory

This instrumental is made by HoliznaCC0, it is a public domain dedication, and here is a link to HoliznaCC0: Free Music Archive - HoliznaCC0

Good luck!

Visual - Sunset, spotted light dripping from leaves on trees, brown, orange, pink, water, dragonfly, crabs scurrying, light reflecting/refracting, circles of water expanding out from oars, blurry clouds - like bokeh or impressionism
Audible - insects chirping and buzzing, the lull of a gentle wind, distant thunder, theremin, shushing, water lapping at the shore, a choir singing (but can’t understand the words), birds screeching, splashing, uncomfortable silence
Olfactory - mud and peat - somewhat putrid sulfer but laced with floral fragrance, ozone
Tactile - breeze against the skin dying down, moist/damp, velvet, smooth and soft
Taste - mild bitterness, musky sweetness, peppery honey, something like the taste of dirt, fresh rain with a slight herbiness
Internal - confusion, lost, tension between creation and destruction/hopes and fears, muscle ache, dreamy
Other - Weightless, floating, gliding, time standing still