Writing to an Instrumental - Michelangelo Technique - Day(s) 8

The time has come to put it all together. With the instrumental that began the run of exercises starting on Day 4 of the Michelangelo Technique, we will craft an entire song. You already have the mood, theme, and primary image. You have a boneyard of words to pull from to help your lyrics, you have a story line, and you have sensory language, all derived from the instrumental!

It is probably best to post yours before listening to others so that you are not in comparison/judge mode and so you don’t have other’s influencing your creation

As you have been listening to the instrumental, it is likely that you have naturally began finding some hints at melodies floating in your head.

We will take our tool kits, develop lyrics, and set them to a melody. Then we will record our songs and post in the reply here (as mp3s, I think that is the format allowed to not crowd the server). It would be helpful if you also posted your lyrics.

The key thing here is to not be overly judgmental. We are not trying to create a “great” song. We are trying to use exercises to write and entire song from what our minds and senses found hidden within the instrumental. We are just wanting to see what we come up with by listening to the instrumental and utilizing the exercises. Don’t worry if you can’t sing in key or if you make some mistakes. That is not a problem. We are not going to judge on performance or production, we are all going to support each other in this endeavor and appreciate what we come up with.

You can always edit a bad song, you cannot edit a blank page. In order to make this enjoyable and not a time crunch, it may take longer than a one day, ten minute session. Feel free to work on it for a few sessions, but do not stress about it. Enjoy the learning and the process.

One way you can record it is to use Audacity, it is a free recording/editing software (I am not promoting it, it is just what I use and seems to be pretty simple). Another way could be to play the instrumental on your computer and sing to it, recording with your phone’s voice memo app while the phone is placed between you and the computer. I am sure there are countless other ways to record, use whatever you like.

Good luck and have fun!

You can download the instrumental track here:
Instrumental - Full Song

This instrumental is made by HoliznaCC0, it is a public domain dedication, and here is a link to HoliznaCC0: Free Music Archive - HoliznaCC0

I also found out more about the guy who made this instrumental, Here is his website link with more info.

Tread and Flow
Question the hunger
Satiate this wonder

The boat rows down the road
Where the river overflowed
Drowning in reflection
Muse with no direction
Where the pendulum trembles
Tick-tocking waves of ripples
Prismed droplets’ deception
Resonate with imperfection
Cicada chirps on the rapids
Vapid past regrets subtracted
Recount limbs shedding light
On obstruction satisfied
The storm passes through the trees
Each lifeless leaf a belief
Peat and mud on the shoreline
Listless with no lifeline

Stuck treading here

Circle the maelstrom
Stuck in the record’s scratch
Delve into delusion
Planned final phase of execution

Up ahead there’s a jam
Where the flotsam formed a dam
But hope holds a trickle
Where fears force a sickle
Each branch that breaks free
Forges velocity

Can you see the water moving
Faster now, louder now
(Flow Faster Forward)
Pull paddles through the moodswings
Broken bands of bokeh clouds

Capsaicin laces the honey
Creation from destruction forming
Grasping at the lack of gravity
And the future’s futile pageantry

Here are my notes: This was a fun exercise. By letting the music show me what it had inside, I came up with some unique (for me - this is not my usual genre) melodies and images that I would not have gotten to without the instrumental and the exercises. Many of words and phrases from the exercise showed up here, as well as some that were associated with those. The melody is meant to show the mood of the a storm in the past, then stuck, then beginning to move on into something unknown. This is definitely not my best track, but it is a lot of fun to see the exercises moving into a creation in just ten minutes a day. Also, I spend about four days (ten minutes at a time) crafting the melodies and lyrics, and recorded first take in about ten minutes. I feel pretty satisfied with a song that took less than an hour to create once I had the exercises completed.